Children's Adventure
Learning Center, LLC
Please call (253) 961-4081 to schedule a visit.
All visitors must provide proper photo ID prior to touring.

9417 S. Yakima Ave., Tacoma, WA 98444


We pride ourselves on providing safe, clean, and excellent learning & nurturing environment to all children.

1.) We have exceeded the Washington State Minimum Licensing Requirement to operate a safe childcare center in WA.

2.) We have excellent curriculum for all children in our childcare center.

3.) We have a 24-hour video surveillance system in our facility. Multiple security cameras are installed throughout our facility. We have installed anywhere from 2 to 3 security cameras in EVERY classroom, hallways, kitchen area, outdoor play area, center's office area, center's parking lot, etc ( Except for bathrooms/private areas of our center ).
( Only center's owners can access and view the security cameras, and they monitor daycare activities throughout the day from either at the center's office or at owners' other office locations ).

4.) We have installed Security Keypad Entry Door Knob in center's front building for children's safety. We do ID every visitor prior to touring our facility. We then keep a copy of visitor's valid photo ID for our file.

We have installed Fingersafe® safety door hinge guards in all of our classroom doors for children's safety.
is a door hinge guard that prevents fingers from being pinched, crushed or AMPUTATED at the hinged end of doors. Each year it is estimated there are nearly 300,000 door-related finger injuries world wide. Many include serious injuries such as broken bones and amputation.

Please visit this website at for more info on Fingersafe Safety Hinge Guards

6.) We have installed two new Central Air Conditioning System/ Heat Pump Systems in both building A & building B.

7.) We have also installed an Electronic Air Purifier & Cleaner System ( In addition to our central A/C system ) for cleaner air inside classrooms.
Major Benefits of an Electronic Air Purifier & Cleaner System

It is estimated by some authorities that the air within an individual’s home or school building is far more polluted than the air breathed outside the building. This is an amazing assertion given the fact that the air, outside the classroom, is polluted with car and industry pollutants.

Therefore, the major benefit of air purifier and cleaners is the resulting clean air within the classroom building. This cleaner air will result in fewer illnesses. This result is based on the fact that the air will be purified of viruses and bacteria which can cause respiratory illnesses. Also, the use of air purifier and cleaners will help to minimize allergies and the resulting uncomfortable symptoms associated with their onset.

8.) All of our staffs/teachers have passed extensive criminal background checks. All of our teachers are Certified and have the qualifications to be Lead Teachers.
We require all of our teachers to take the STARS Training Certificate & other trainings & certifications needed to be Lead Teachers.
( We don't have any assistant teachers or volunteers in our center ).

9.) We only hire non-smokers. All of our employees must be non-smokers as part of their condition of employment.

10.) We sanitize ALL TOYS in our classrooms every day after closing time with the bleach solution approved by the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department & by the DEL.

11.) Center's owners are very accessible and can be reached at (253) 961-4081 any time and any day for any question, suggestion, or comment.
Parents are encouraged to call center's owners any time and any day, this include evenings & weekends for any question about our center.