Children's Adventure
Learning Center, LLC
Please call (253) 961-4081 to schedule a visit.
All visitors must provide proper photo ID prior to touring.

9417 S. Yakima Ave., Tacoma, WA 98444


We are always accepting applications for Toddler/Preschool teachers.
Please submit or email your resume at ,  and we will contact you for any available position.
 Thank you for your interest.

The following are just some of the qualifications we are looking for: 

1.) MUST LOVE CHILDREN, be a great role model for children, & gets along well with people
2.) Must pass extensive criminal background checks
3.) Must be able to complete certifications to work in childcare in WA  such as, STARS Certificate, First AID/CPR, HIV/Bloodborne pathogen training certificates, negative results on TB skin test, etc
4.) Must be very personable and have a great positive attitude
5.) Must provide at least 3 professional references
6.) Must have a great personal integrity and exercise good judgment
7.) Must be dependable and willing to stay past work schedule on certain days to meet the staff/child ratio
8.) Must be prompt and have excellent attendance records
9.) Must be neat, tidy, & be able to keep children safe, clean, & happy

* We take pride in safety & cleanliness in our daycare center. We keep our children in our center and our facility very  safe & clean.

You may email resume to & call Arnold at (253) 961-4951 to pick up an application form & background check form.
Please bring a valid photo ID when you visit our center to pick up an application/background check forms.
We keep all submitted resume/application forms in our center's file for more than one year, but we will ONLY contact the BEST qualified applicants. Thank you for your interest.

Please do not apply if you have one of the following:

1.) Any criminal record Or past conviction , either from WA or from any other state Or other country

2.) If you don't have great/positive attitude, personality, & patience 
3.) If you smoke - We only hire non-smokers.
4.) If you have been terminated for misconduct in the past.
5.) If you have any integrity issue from past employers, etc
NOTE: We have zero tolerance for illegal drug use and/or alcohol use in our childcare center and we reserve the right to conduct random drug/alcohol test on any employee at any time.
( We do conduct extensive background checks on all of our staffs )