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There are many childcare facilities in Washington State that provide excellent childcare to children and follow the rules set by the DEL & the Local Health Department, but it is a good idea to run your own background check on every facility you visit and ask important questions prior to enrolling your children.

We also highly encourage parents to tour/visit as many daycare centers as possible prior to enrolling your child/ren in a daycare center to make sure you're choosing the right center for your child/ren.

The following are just some of the very important questions to ask each prospective child care provider when choosing the right daycare center for your child/ren:

1.) Ask if the Center is fully state licensed by the Washington State Department of Early Learning or DEL.
Childcare centers that are fully state licensed have met/or exceeded all the requirements by the Washington State DEL to operate a safe daycare center in WA.

** It is very important to choose only a "Fully State Licensed Facility" due to the unlicensed facilities have not been inspected for safety, health, and educational requirements set by the State of Washington & are not regulated by the DEL and do not have to abide by the rules and regulations set by both the DEL and the County Health Department.

2.) Ask each daycare provider for at least 3 references from parents who either have child/ren currently enrolled at the daycare or had a child/ren attended the daycare center in the past.

3.) Ask if the provider and all teachers have passed a Washington State Patrol and/or FBI criminal background checks & have completed all the necessary
ECE Early Childhood Education requirements and trainings such as , STARS Certificate, First Aid/CPR , HIV/AIDS & Bloodborne Pathogen trainings Certificates, Negative results on TB skin test, etc..

4.) Ask to read a copy of their
Parent Handbook to review their Sick Policy, Discipline Policy, Holiday Closures, Disaster plan, etc.. prior to enrolling your child/ren.
** Most daycare centers will not give visitors copy of the Parent Handbook until after registering your child/ren, but you can ask to review their Parent Handbook while at the site.

5.) Ask how often the toys in classrooms are sanitized and how often carpeted area of  their daycare center is shampooed.

To keep their daycare facility clean and children healthy, toys should be sanitized every day & carpet should be shampooed at least every 3 months or sooner if needed.
Look around the facility for any unsafe or dirty areas of classrooms, outdoor play areas, bathrooms, kitchen area, etc.

6.) Ask if the daycare center has a structured classroom curriculum. Ask to see a copy of the curriculum which should be posted inside classroom.

7.) Ask to see a copy of the daycare meals menu, meals menu should also be posted in every classroom.

8.) Ask if the facility has a
Heat Pump/Air Conditioning system installed. This is very important especially during those very hot summer days & also during cold winter weather. Heat Pump System helps control the temperature inside classrooms all year round.

**Also, it would be a plus if the facility is also equipped with an
Electronic Air Purifier & Cleaner System.
*Daycare centers are not required to have an Electronic Air Purifier & Cleaner System installed in the facility, but it does provides cleaner air inside classrooms, and it's great for all children and staff, especially with the ones with allergies.

9.) Ask if the daycare center have security cameras installed in every classroom - Again, although security cameras are not required in daycare centers, we believe they should be mandatory in all daycare centers for many good reasons.

The following are just some of the many benefits of having security cameras installed in daycare centers.
1.) Security cameras keep children & staff safe.
2.) Security cameras are very effective deterrent of any crime.
3.) People tend to behave/perform better when there are security cameras around.
4.) Owners/Executive Directors can better monitor the entire facility and supervise/observe staff's interactions with children and with other staff members effectively.
5.) They provide peace of mind to our parents & all staff members.

Because we respect the privacy of all children, parents, and staff in our daycare center, our 24-hour video surveillance system/ security cameras are
for internal purposes only.
ONLY the Executive Directors and/or the owners are allowed to view our security cameras/ video footage either at the Center's office at the site OR live video footage may be viewed remotely from owner's other office at a different location.